web development

I try as much as possible to use open-source, standards-based web technologies.

For server-side programming I use PHP, an open-source cross-platform scripting language. PHP is fast, feature-rich, and the number of free open-source PHP applications is astronomical. This means that I can almost always find ready-made solutions for my client's needs. Whether you want something simple like a guestbook, or something advanced like an online catalog with e-commerce capability, I can implement a solution that not only meets but exceeds your needs. See www.php.net for more info.

Many PHP applications also use the MySQL database server, which is another excellent open-source solution. It is an extremely fast, reliable, and secure database server, and widely supported on almost all platforms.

The key advantage of open-source applications is that anyone is free to modify the code to their own needs. Thus I can customize existing applications to suit your specific needs, using my knowledge and experience with PHP, MySQL, XML, Javascript, and good old HTML.

Some web-development solutions Juju Web Design provides:

  • form processing
  • automated emails
  • RSS (newsfeeds)
  • galleries
  • catalog
  • chatrooms
  • guestbook
  • e-commmerce
  • content management