A striking and memorable logo is a key ingredient in building a brand identity. It is essentially viral in that it quickly enters a person's consciousness and stays there.

Hemp Conspiracy logo

This logo for Hemp Conspiracy has the Kanji (Chinese character) for hemp surrounded by gun-sights to indicate how hemp agriculture is persecuted.


Shane Philips logo Shane Philips logo
Soul singer Shane Philips wanted a retro-look for his logo and site, so I designed this inspired by neon lights and 70's fonts.



Forward Audio logo Forward Audio logo
Music production co. wanted a contemporary look for their logo. The wave suggests the flow of sound waves.



Freedom*CA logo Freedom*CA logo


Logo for electronic musician Freedom*CA .. 3d and text version.

Kore Clothing 3d logo Kore Clothing 3d logo

I designed this animated 3d logo (see the site at www.koreclothing.com for the animation) in 3d Studio Max

Gavin Stephens logo Gavin Stephens logo

Comedian gavin Stephens wanted a logo with a hip-hop flavor so I drew this to look like graffiti.


riverman riverman

A logo and poster I designed for an environmental conference at the University of Guelph.


enviroman enviroman

A logo design for an environmental conference.



juju graffiti juju graffiti

My tag from my graffiti days.

sulphur sulphur

A logo I designed for my cousin who is a musician.


zephyr zephyr

One of my first logo commissions... This was for a database program. Zephyr is a warm westerly wind.