As well as producing rich-media content for the web, Juju Web Design can produce CD-ROMs, which offer superior performance to the web since bandwidth is not an issue. CD-ROMs are products in themselves, and can contain a great deal of information, media, games or other applications. Many of the same principles of web design apply to multimedia design.

Multimedia is generally associated with CD-ROM applications, but the increasing numbers of web-surfers with high-speed internet access has led to a demand for more media-rich content. Audio, Video, and interactivity can all be combined using a tool like FlashMX.

Interestingly, Macromedia Director, which has been used for 20 years for producing multimedia, can also publish for the web using the Shockwave player. Flash was designed to be more streamlined for the web but its capabilities actually lag behind Director in many areas, such as its ability to import many media types and its run-time performance. Now that the download time of the Shockwave player is not as much of an issue (it takes only a few minutes on high-speed) I think it will make a bit of a comeback.

I have developed a character-animation application using Director which enables the user to produce animations easily. You can see some examples in the animations section.