flash sites


Client: Shane Philips


Site: Shane Philips [archived]


Project: Soul singer Shane Philips approached me to do a site for his music. He wanted a retro feel, reminiscent of the era of the old-masters of soul. He wanted to visually convey the passion and warm emotions of soul music.


Description: I designed a new logo, with retro neon-like feel. Using restrained earth tones, warm colours contrasting with the dark background, and photos of Shane performing, a soulful atmosphere was created. This is further enhanced by slowly fading images into each other, and shifting the colours of these images, as if under coloured spotlight. The site will also feature samples from the artist's new album, 'Superfly'.



Client: Forward Audio Engineering


Site: Forward Audio Engineering [archived]


Project: Audio engineer Ollie Barkovic wanted a brochure website for his studio and consulting business. He needed to convey a professional image which would also appeal to his clientele of musicians. He also required some designs for print such as business cards and brochures.


Description: I designed a new logo, with a high-tech, yet smooth, flowing look. The Flash site is based on the visual theme of the sine wave, used to symbolize sound waves. I carefully selected colours to brighten the site, and each section has its own icon. There is background music produced by the client, as an audio example of his work. The client supplied me with pictures of his studio and equipment, which I made into collages which appear in the background of each section. I also produced a couple of ads, a business card, and a brochure for the client.


Client: Gavin Stevens


Site: Gavin Stephens [Archived]


Project: Site designed and built for comedian Gavin Stephens.


Description: Site is a TV set with remote control used to access content.



Client: Freedom, CA


Site:  Freedom, CA [Archived]


Project: Electronic musician 'Freedom, CA' wanted an interactive multimedia site.


Description: The site features animation, background sound loop, and custom built animations and interactive content. Visitors can listen to tracks from the new album with the custom built mp3 player.



Client: Kore Clothing


Site: Kore Clothing [Archived] note... click the 'Preview' link at bottom


Project: Site designed and built for Kore Clothing.


Description: Site features an interactive clothing shopping cart (the catalog section). Unfortunately the site wasn't launched.



Client: Forward Music


Site:  Forward Music [Archive]


Project: Site to showcase the artists released under the Forward Music label, and the work of DJ Ollie (see also Forward Audio Engineering)


Description: Using the exisiting hand logo, the interface is simple yet dynamic: signs approach as if the viewer is proceeding into an abstract minimalist landscape. Click on the sign, and the section opens vertically. The pixel-fonts give a techno feel in line with the electronic music produced by the label. There's an interactive crate of records, lots of music, and much more to come...




Client:Great Canadian Town Band Festival


Site: Great Canadian Town Band Festival [Archived]


Project: Site designed and built for annual Town Band Festival. It has a HTML and Flash version.


Description: Site features animated transitions and music.



Client: Five Pin Gallery


Site: Five Pin Gallery [Archived]


Project: A Gallery in Peterborough needed a new website. .


Description: I developed this bowling alley interface in flash -- this wasn't used in the end, but its kinda fun.



Client: Cow Palace


Site: Cow Palace [Archived]


Project: Not the real Cow Palace in San Francisco, but a rural art gallery.


Description: I used the gallery itself as an interactive navigation for the site. It has a cartoonish, Simpsons-like style.


Client: Ready Jennifer

Site: Ready Jennifer [Archived]

Project: Alt-pop musician Cleve Jones needed to redesign his site for upcoming CD-launch. He had an idea of using a phonograph as a navigation device. He already had a logo designed, so I had to design the site so as to integrate with it.

Description: Although this is primarily an HTML & CSS based site, it uses Flash for rich media content... Based on Cleve's idea, I developed an interactive phonograph using Flash, which plays records much as a real one does. The acoustic feel and meditative lyrics inspired a subdued, soulful design. I used the font of the existing logo in the navigation and used the 'bass-clef' symbol for embellishment. I picked up on the red in the logo by using red as the link colour, enhancing the warm feel of the site.



Client: Juju Web Design 2001 portfolio


Site: http://www.jujuwebdesign.com/flash/flashsite.html


Project: I designed this as my portfolio in 2001, and chose the theme of '2001 - A Space Odyssey' or at least the monoliths from that movie.


Description: The monolith motif allowed me to demonstrate some 3d Flash magic, by having the monoliths flip sideways and forward to present content. It interfaces with a database of examples of my design work. I put some spacey sound effects in for fun. Note: this site uses LOUD SOUND EFFECTS, which is something I wouldn't do nowadays. Also, much of the content has been removed as it was out of date, so it is really just a demonstration of the interface.