flash games

Here's a game I adapted from the space invaders classic. I got an Atari 2600 for Christmas, and I was inspired to re-create the old games in Flash, but whether I'll get around to it I don't know.


Although I didn't write the game engine on this one, I adapted it by changing the graphics, adding sound, and adding the high-score list which uses PHP and XML.


Note on the game: The player at the bottom who fires missiles is not intended to be Osama bin Laden (who has no connection to Iraq anyway) but an average Iraqi defending his homeland... I don't suport al-quaeda any more than GWB - I abhor the violence on both sides. The game is merely intended to be an ironic commentary on the war on Iraq & some therapy for those who oppose it.


Bush Blaster
Click on image above to play (requires Flash 6 player);

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